Cornwall Adventures

The day before we headed to Cornwall we popped over to Torquay to see Jason’s underfloor heating pipework – a work of art. It’s all tested now and with no leakages, it’s ready for surveying before being covered in concrete.



The underfloor heating is down, tested and ready for covering

We headed to Cornwall on Saturday 20th February and it’s a few years since I’ve visited the county. The first thing that always strikes me is the distance it is. And even though we set off from Devon, it still took three hours to get to The Lizard where we met up with some old friends Maggie & Tony for coffee at The Lizard, lunch next door to the Lizard Lighthouse watching the waves crashing on the rocks, helicopter & rescue vehicles providing extra visuals, and tea, cheese & biccies back at their lovely home. A treat!

It was a forty minute drive from there to St. Just in Penwith, the most westerly town in mainland Britain, just north of Land’s End. The cottage is perfect and as lovely as I remember it. Mary had the bathroom done up since I last stayed there and gets regular holiday lets pretty much year round, so it was a treat to have a week where we could snaffle a place in the diary. Overall the weather was great with only one day of solid rain and two beautiful sunny days, properrr warrrm it werrre. We visited Mousehole (pronounced Moozel)…




St Michael’s Mount from Mousehole


Fisherman on a freezing cold day from Mousehole


Fabulous restored campervan in Mousehole


And went for a few long walks to Cott Valley and on to Cape Cornwall and back to the cottage. Jason & Riikka plus Louie the Labrador joined us on Thursday for the last two days, an excuse for another long walk – I don’t normally walk this far unless I’m being sponsored!.


Riikka, Clive and Jason with Louie the Labrador at Cott Valley



The lane to Cott Valley


Cott Valley beach with very round rocks


This robin was singing away beautifully


Example of remains of tin mining structures which litter the county



A Chough sits atop this tin mine chimney heading from Cott Valley to Cape Cornwall.



Sun setting on the Atlantic ocean, from the hills between Cott Valley & Cape Cornwall


Louie looking towards Cape Cornwall


A beautifully restored mansion, Porthledden at Cape Cornwall, currently on the market with Savilles for £3m

On the Monday I had a phone call from a policeman from Harwich trying to get hold of Clive. He wouldn’t divulge why, however once Clive had returned from a walk to the town, PC Harwich had gone off duty and the copper Clive spoke to couldn’t tell him why the call and that he’d have to phone back after 10pm the following day, when our man was back on duty. We both speculated it could be to do with Clive’s dad and so he called the home where his father resides in Great Dunmow. An answerphone message informed him that the warden was on holiday and to call another number. Clive did this and spoke to someone at their head office who couldn’t tell him anything however put him through to another number, which went to voicemail, etc. So no luck getting through then or later.

The following day Clive had resolved he’d have to wait until the evening to find out what was up, and after a long walk we  to go to the cinema in Penzance to see The Revenant. I’d read the book and it was good. No sooner had the film started and the action got going, my phone rang, twice, and by the time I’d registered it vibrating the second time in my coat pocket, it was too late to answer. The calls were immediately followed by text messages for Clive to call Jason or his sister Jackie urgently. Clambering over a row of punters to get to an exit is always unpopular and tut tuts abounded. It transpired that Clive’s father had died the previous morning and we are still completely baffled as to why the Harwich police couldn’t tell him this when he’d rung them back. Apparently they spent the following day and a half trying to track another sibling before finding Jason. The irony is that Clive and Jason had updated all the siblings contact details with the warden and the care home last year so this was pretty disgraceful all in all. Anyway, nothing to be done as his father was in the morgue in Harlow and awaiting the Coroner’s attention. He’d died in his sleep, which was a blessing. Suffice to say it quite put us off the film, which incidentally strayed considerably from the storyline in the book.

The warden was back on duty for a couple of days before going on holiday once again! I suppose approaching the end of the financial year, holidays untaken need to be taken or lost, however it seems extraordinary that supposed warden assisted accommodation for elderly people is without a warden for days on end.

Last year when Clive’s mum died, we were in Essex and the travel was to and from Somerset in the West Country. Now though it’s reversed and we’re even further west and having to travel east back to Essex. Just as the cottage is let too, sigh!

We drove back to Dartmouth on Saturday visiting The Eden Project en route and what a place. Absolutely stunning. We bought a ‘gift’ ticket for the same price as a one off visit, which gives us as many visits as we’d like up to the end of October – result! We will definitely go again. It was built in an abandoned clay pit and has two incredible Biomes, one Rainforest and one Mediterranean. Here are some of the photos I took, mainly in the Rainforest Biome.


Eden Project Biomes, Rainforest in the distance and Mediterranean in the foreground


Pawpaw (Papaya)


More Pawpaw


Bananas, in England?


A most healthy bunch of bananas



Strelitzia flower (Bird of Paradise)




Spider lily



Cherry blossom



A friendly robin in the Mediterranean Biome

Clive headed to Essex yesterday, along with his three siblings, to embark on another emotional journey and the administrative nightmare that goes with death. I’m heading eastwards tomorrow, staying with my aunt Sheila and uncle Peter for a few days.

Until next update….


6 thoughts on “Cornwall Adventures

  1. Brad Holland


    Thanks for the lovely update.

    So sorry to hear about Clive’s dad…. please tell him I am sending all love and light ‘is way.

    All good here.

    Sonia arrives in a week… for three weeks of Chamber Music Festival and assorted silliness.

    It will be good to see her again.

    I, in turn, will be headed to Ol’ Blighty in late May and early June…. I hope there will be a time I can connect with you?

    Kissy kissy,

    Sr. Brad

    Brad Holland


    Liked by 1 person

    1. workingwildchild Post author

      Thank you Brad, I’ll pass on your good wishes. I hope you have a blast with Sonia and that she gets a chance to look after with your ankle. Don’t forget, taxis everywhere – no cycling and no driving! I’ll keep you posted as to where we are late May etc as it would be divine to see you, properly this time. XXX


  2. Sarah Peace

    Hi Sarah,
    Great to hear your news and see your photos.
    So sorry to hear about Clive’s dad, please send are best wishes to Clive, how horrid, poor thing.
    We have sad and happy news too, our lovely Tom dog passed away last week, he had a nasty tumor in his thigh poor boy, while he was still alive tho we got a puppy, her name is Luna bubble and she’s a white and black springador, Tiggy adores her and they rough and tumble anywhere they can, she is such a tonic for our sadness. Hope your keeping warm and dry its just gone pitch black here and we are in the middle of a thunder storm with hail! I will be staying in I think.
    Much love from the not so sunny but bloody freezing Isle of Wight
    Sarah xxxx
    ps i am wearing my lovely heart felt brooch today xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. workingwildchild Post author

    Hi Sarah, so sorry to hear about lovely Tom. Can’t wait to meet Luna bubble – she sounds like a real tonic for you all. Thanks for your kind words for Clive, I’ve passed them on. Yes indeed to the thunder storm, a huge clap just as I was leaving Dartmouth this morning, causing roof tiles to cascade from the tops of many houses and the hospital. High flying slate not a good thing to be walking beneath… It was clearly on its way to you, where it said a fine good morning and do stay at home. Big hugs (and lovely you are wearing your brooch XXX) S X



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