Brexit bah humbug!

This is a disaster and it’s so depressing! . Our stupid politicians, calling a referendum in the first place and relentlessly dragging our country into this situation which could well result in the split of our Union, and far worse. The Fascist Farage and his ilk, back biting, in-fighting, spreading hateful crap each time they open their mouths.

I feel so sorry for the generations to come and I feel angry, and even bitter, such rare emotions for me, however this has got me so riled. This isn’t what I want, or what the 16.1 million other people who voted as I did, to remain in the EU want. 12.9 million people didn’t vote! That adds up to 29 million people who didn’t vote to leave the EU versus 17.9 million who voted for Brexit. Even the made up word makes me nauseous.

I have felt there is no-one representing my voice until an unlikely ally, Michael Heseltine, last night on the news vowed to keep representing those of us who voted to stay.



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