What a day! I’m going to rant….

My personal view is the result of this referendum is a complete disaster for the UK, for our young people and the generations to come. I fear the fall out across Europe, I fear in time this could easily precipitate war. This is playing into the hands of the far right, who our parents generation fought and millions died to stop in the second world war. The hate within the rhetoric of some of the Brexit leaders and supporters is abhorrent and has no place in a decent democratic society. How could 51.7% of those who voted be so shortsighted and selfish and thoughtless and knee jerk reactors, against what? What do they think will happen? EDF, one of our major power suppliers are French, Abellio, one of our major transport companies is Dutch, our air sea rescue has been sold off to the French, we’re in Europe and have been for 43 years, in peace. What have we done??? A bad sad day for us all. And as for David Cameron resigning, how could he, the coward! He dragged us into this mess, the very least he can do is work his nuts off to sort it out for the best for us all. Here endeth my rant.



6 thoughts on “What a day! I’m going to rant….

  1. mscott252012

    Deepest sympathies Sarah, Have felt low about it with a sense of foreboding for future generations . . . Lots of love to you all from all here xoxox


  2. Señor Brad

    NOW you know how we felt when we woke the news that we had elected George W Bush. The same people (consultants, politicos, etc) who crafted his coded language dog-whisle hate campaign have been raking in millions advising UKIP et al. Gabbie Giffords and Jo Fox were collateral damage. Behold the AWESOME power of the angry low info voter: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2016/06/24/the-british-are-frantically-googling-what-the-eu-is-hours-after-voting-to-leave-it/


  3. christine wardale

    Hi Sarah – we are all in shock in Australia too- a terrible result – I just can not believe it! I hear a distant drum on it’s way to our shores perhaps?



    1. workingwildchild Post author

      Hi Chris, so lovely to hear from you, I can hear your voice in your words. Oh boy, I’ve just written to MPs and Lords I know personally to ask them to do something to stop this madness. I think the actual Brexit percentage of the voting population came to 37.3%, this is too close to call. There’s a massive petition going on to parliament for a re-referendum, and it should be compulsory to vote. If it had been a landslide result, fair enough, by it was far from. The fall out if we go ahead is going to be catastrophic.

      Yes, Distant Drum could be sailing your say sooner than we had planned!!!

      Get the kettle on.

      Big love and lots of hugs, Sarah XXXXX



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