It’s June the 1st and we’re ready…..

If only the weather was ready for us too. The sea trail went well the Friday before last though we had to replace an anti-siphon valve and a water pipe. Clive did a magic job on these last week and we spent the weekend cataloguing all our lockers, finding all sorts of magical objects and fixy things. Now for the food storage, let the current weather front move through tomorrow, and we should be off on Wednesday. First stop Harwich for a few days, to celebrate Clive’s birthday on Friday and catch up with all our neighbours. Clive’s brother Jason is coming up on Friday too and Thai Up At The Quay is going to be busy. We also need to celebrate our favourite pub The New Bell Inn as Richard and Sue, the landlords, are retiring the following weekend and the new owners take over the next day. Dread has filled the locals – where oh where will they go for their pint now? There’s only another seven drinking houses to choose from.


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